Wet-Cast development and polymer moulding technology

20 years of experience ...

20 years of experience in Wet-Cast concrete technology sharpen the awareness for the significant details.

EZ Casting develops new and successful wet-cast products in the field of cast concrete technology together with you.

We produce the best moulding technology for you, adapted to your production processes.

Our services




  • Elaboration of new product ideas

  • Development of Wet-Cast products

  • CAD construction and elaboration of details on the product and in moulding technology 

  • Individual concept design of the moulding technology tailored exactly to your manufacturing processes


  • Manual Prototyping - conventional model making
  • Prototyping in the CNC process



  • Production of polymer moulding technology in different Shore hardnesses specially suitable for your product

  • Composite multi-shell molding technology

  • Polymer industrial products

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